Ambassador programme:

The NFDI4Microbiota ambassador program

The mission of the NFDI4Microbiota consortium is to be the central hub in Germany for supporting the microbiology community with access to data, analysis services, data/meta data standards and training. Therefore, the connection and interaction of NFDI4Microbiota with the German microbiology community is key for the success of the consortium. For this purpose, direct connections to numerous institutes from the community have to be established, which shall be realized through the NFDI4Microbiota Ambassador Program. The ambassadors will help in compiling and communicating the needs of their community efficiently and provide them with suitable solutions generated by the NFDI4Microbiota consortium.

“Who?” - Candidate profile and required resources

To guarantee this bilateral connection and exchange, we would like to encourage local staff and especially young researchers (PhD students and Postdoc’s) from the participating institutes as our ambassadors. Ideal candidates would have a communicative personality with an interest in supporting FAIR data implementation in terms of Open Science in their research group and institution.

“What for?” - Benefits for the ambassadors

Ambassadors will serve as experts to consult on NFDI4Microbiota topics. By active participation, several benefits come along:

This all will be ensured by regularly attending networking events, training and workshops over the whole time of the project period. Even certificates for certain events will be handed out.

“How?” - Description of the activity/task and desired results

Since ambassadors are the communication link between our consortium and the community, we want to promote an intense exchange between the consortium and the ambassadors. This will include the following potential activities and tasks:





A minimum of a one year commitment is required. An input of approx. five hours per month is a rough anticipation for a candidate. During months with fewer activities, extra time should be budgeted for planning and preparation. Therefore, the total time commitment will vary based on seasonal factors.

You are interested in becoming a valuable and important part of our consortium?

You can register for the NFDI4Microbiota ambassador program here. And do not forget to follow us on Twitter: @nfdi4microbiota.

Contact persons:

Please get in contact with us via our contact form.

We are looking forward to have you on board!