Interactions with other NFDI consortia

Microbiomes play an important role in all aspects of life. This is reflected in the strong connectivity of NFDI4Microbiota with 15 other NFDI consortia. Together with them, we will shape a joint NFDI.

Consortia selected in the 1st round

DataPLANT: Data in PLANT research

  • Collaboration on metadata and workflows for omics data.
  • Collaboration on training.

GHGA: the German Human Genome-Phenome Archive

  • Development of common standards and procedures for human microbiome data.

NFDI4BioDiversity: Biodiversity, Ecology & Environmental Data

  • Development of common metadata standards for sampling of microbial species/communities.

NFDI4Cat: NFDI for Catalysis-Related Sciences

NFDI4Chem: Chemistry Consortium in the NFDI

  • Collaboration regarding Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs).

NFDI4Health: National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data

  • Standardisation of chemical components such as medication, dietary factors and metabolomics data.
  • Exchange regarding the inclusion of microbiome-related data in medical studies.

NFDI4Ing: National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences

  • Collaboration regarding biotechnology-related data.

Consortia that applied for the 2nd round

NFDI4Agri: NFDI for Agricultural Sciences

  • Development of common metadata standards for sampling of microbial species/communities.

NFDI4BIOIMAGE: NFDI4 Biological Imaging and Medical Photonics

  • Collaboration on standards and workflows regarding imaging data from biological samples.

NFDI4DataScience: NFDI for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Development of solutions for Linked Open Data (LOD) and Open Research Knowledge Graphs (ORKG).

NFDI4Earth: NFDI Consortium Earth System Sciences

NFDI4Immuno: National Research Data Infrastructure for Immunology

  • Development of solutions for the parallel analysis of microbiota and the immune system.
  • Harmonization of metadata and ontologies describing the host, as well as identification and enhancement of formalized descriptions of sampling procedures.

NFDI4Life Umbrella: NFDI4Life Umbrella research data management infrastructure for life sciences

  • Collaboration on several cross-disciplinary issues of the life science community.

NFDI4RSE: National Research Data Infrastructure for Scientific Software

  • Collaboration on standards and recommendations regarding analysis workflows
  • Collaboration on training.

PUNCH4NFDI: Particles, Universe, NuClei, and Hadrons for the NFDI