Interactions with other NFDI consortia

NFDI4Microbiota is in exchange with several consortia to work on common standards, interfaces and training. This includes but is not limited to the following consortia:

NFDI4Life Umbrella: collaboration on several cross-disciplinary issues of the life science community.


  • Exploring the possibilities of standardisation and cross-sectional mapping for standardisation of chemical components (e.g., medication), dietary factor or metabolome data.
  • Exchanging about the inclusion of microbiome related data in epidemiological and clinical studies.

NFDI4Biodiversity: collaboration on common metadata standards for sampling.

NFDI4Agri: collaboration on common metadata standards for sampling.

GHGA: collaboration on human microbiome data.

DataPlant: collaboration on metadata for omics data and training.

NFDI4RSE: collaboration on standards and recommendations regarding analysis workflows and training.