Task Area 3 – Services

This TA is dedicated to implementing, in the NFDI4Microbiota platform, the service offer for data access and analyses intended for the microbiology community. The final goal being to make research more standardized and reproducible.

  • M3.1 – Central web portal: centralized access to NFDI4Microbiota services.
  • M3.2 – Analytical services: developing and maintaining workflows.
  • M3.3 – Databases & Terminology Services: supporting database development and best practices.
  • M3.4 – Data Quality & Provenance Services: laying the groundwork for interpretable, comparable and valid research results.
  • M3.5 – Data Deposition & Repositories: fostering best practices for depositing data in repositories.
  • M3.6 – Long-term preservation: raising awareness about and promoting the standardized long-term preservation of metadata.
  • M3.7 – Reviewing/Commenting System for Data: gathering feedback to adjust the NFDI4Microbiota platform to researchers’ needs.
  • M3.8 – Systems biology, modeling, and multi-omics integration: developing mechanisms for mapping linkages between different data types and inter-omic integration between reference databases and the NFDI4Microbiota system.
  • M3.9 – Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN): fostering the use and educating about ELNs.