The NFDI4Microbiota consortium is represented and active at several events throughout the year. Here we will announce about events we take part or organize.

Title Authors Presentation type Event Location :date: Date Further information
Integrated Microbiome Research via standardisation with the NFDI4Microbiota Sarah Schulz Short Oral Talk 9th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota Paris, France 2022-10-20
NFDI4Microbiota Annual conference 2022 - internal Konrad Förstner, Barbara Götz In person NFDI4Microbiota Annual conference 2022 - internal Cologne, Germany 2022-11-07
Extending the NFDI4Microbiota Knowledge Base Justine Vandendorpe, Kassian Kobert In person 1st BioHackathon Germany Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany 2022-12-12
NFDI4Microbiota - Services to make data FAIR and Open Barbara Götz, Konrad Förstner In person Vernetzungsveranstaltung im Rahmen der Förderrichtlinie Berlin, Germany 2023-02-09
Wind of change - sharing is caring - How to improve research data and its benefits in the Life Sciences Prof. Dr. Konrad Förstner (NFDI4Microbiota), Björn Usadel (DataPLANT), Dr. Barbara Ebert (NFDI4Biodiversity), Prof. Dr. Dagmar Waltemath (NFDI4Health); Moderation (Dr. Kerstin Elbing (VBio)) In person Love Data Week 2023 Bremen, Germany 2023-02-16
NFDI4Microbiota world café on Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) Justine Vandendorpe (ZB MED), Jeanne Wilbrandt (FLI), Katharina Grünwald (RWTH Aachen), Maja Magel (RWTH Aachen) Online Online 2023-02-24
Introducing the National Research Data Infrastructure Cordula Hege In person 30th annual meeeting of the German Society for parasitology Giessen, Germany 2023-03-15
VirJenDB - the virus database based in Jena Noriko Cassman, Co-authors (Shahram Saghaei, Manja Marz (all from NFDI4Microbiota, FSU Jena)) In person 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology Ulm, Germany 2023-03-28