Task Area 2 - Standards & policies

This TA is dedicated to facilitating and stimulating data sharing and re-use by supporting easy and open access to microbial and associated data, following the FAIR data principles. To this end, the consortium will establish the following Measures (M):

Overview of Task Area 2


M2.1 – Data & Metadata Standards
Goals: To maximize the quality of data entering the NFDI4Microbiota system by enforcing compliance with existing standards, as well as to identify and promote additional tailored data standards and metadata requirements within the NFDI4Microbiota systems.

M2.2 – Experimental Procedure Standards
Goals: To increase the uniformity and interoperability of data collected within the NFDI4Microbiota network by identifying and promoting best practices for performing microbial research.

M2.3 – Workflow Standards
Goals: To develop guidelines for standardized and FLOSS-compliant workflows, and to establish standard workflows for data quality control and benchmarking services.

M2.4 – Policies and legal issues for data management and re-use
Goals: To develop and implement policies for data management, sharing and reuse that ensure quality and openness of data but also legal certainty. Our policies will respect the interests of users, provide guidance on making responsible use of available resources, and safeguard compliance with the FAIR principles, thus stimulating the reuse of data and fostering new research.