Interactions with other NFDI consortia

NFDI4Microbiota got founded in the 2nd application round in 2021. As microbiomes play an essential role in all aspects of life, this is also displayed in the strong connectivity of NFDI4Microbiota with many other NFDI consortia. Together with them, we work on shared topics.

Consortia of the 1st round

Overview of NFDI interactions

DataPLANT Data in PLANT research

GHGA the German Human Genome-Phenome Archive

NFDI4BioDiversity: Biodiversity, Ecology & Environmental Data

NFDI4Cat: NFDI for Catalysis-Related Sciences

NFDI4Chem: Chemistry Consortium in the NFDI

NFDI4Health: National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data

NFDI4Ing: National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences

Consortia of the 2nd round

NFDI4DataScience: NFDI for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

NFDI4Earth: NFDI Consortium Earth System Sciences

PUNCH4NFDI: Particles, Universe, NuClei, and Hadrons for the NFDI

Consortia of the 3rd round

FAIRagro: NFDI for Agricultural Sciences

NFDI4BIOIMAGE: NFDI4 Biological Imaging and Medical Photonics

NFDI4Immuno: National Research Data Infrastructure for Immunology

BASE4NFDI: Basic Services for NFDI