Task Area 4 - Technical infrastructure

This TA is dedicated to providing the technical foundations for the NFDI4Microbiota platform on which compute and storage resources for the microbiology community will be offered. To this end, the consortium will establish the following Measures (M):

Overview of Task Area 4


M4.1 – Computational Infrastructure Operations
Goals: To provide scalable cloud compute resources for the NFDI4Microbiota community.

M4.2 – Data Storage Platform
Goals: To develop and provide a scalable and easily accessible domain-agnostic data storage platform.

M4.3 – Infrastructure Software Components
Goals: To provide ready-to-use computational frameworks for data analysis and computing services to the NFDI4Microbiota community.

M4.4 – Service Monitoring & Reporting
Goals: To identify appropriate indicators to monitor the quality and acceptance of NFDI4Microbiota’s services and repositories, to establish a data-oriented service index, and to measure the impact of our joint efforts.