Cross-consortia hackathon (DataXplorer) organized with NFDI4Earth and NFDI4Biodiversity


Between the 5th 6th December, the final presentation of the cross-consotia hackathon were given by the participants. The Cross-consortia Hackathon DataXplorer was co-organized with NFDI4Eearth and NFDI4Biodiversity. The diverse challenges were related to earth system sciences, biodiversity and microbiology. One specific challenge involved the inspection of colour information in scanned raster maps. Another challenge entailed the development of a a web-based question-answering system to help researchers to find answers related to research data management. Additionally, a microbiome-related challenge aimed to develop a user-friendly and feature-rich meta-data annotation tool for metaproteomic experiments. The presentations and results during the presentations were impressive! You can find them here. The hackathon event was held mainly online, the end-presentations were hybrid, with an in-person meeting in Frankfurt. The meeting was combined with a social event: a torchlight tour in the Senckenberg museum. The next cross-consortia hackathon will be held in the beginning of 2025, this time with even more consortia.

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