Task Area 1 - Community, network and training

This task area is dedicated to engaging the diverse NFDI4Microbiota target communities and building and strengthening a network of mutual support and constructive feedback. To this end, the consortium will establish the following Measures (M).

Overview of Task Area 1


M1.1 – Training and Education
Goals: To coordinate, organize and document training events in NFDI4Microbiota to create a comprehensive training program. To promote online courses and online material, and to raise awareness of the value of the FAIR principles and appropriate strategies for RDM.

M1.2 – Support
Goals: To offer a broad spectrum of support to overcome individual problems faced by researchers including the writing of data management plans, data submission, metadata collection, and legal issues (e.g. data licenses). To help with the FAIRification of databases and provision of dedicated software tools.

M1.3 – Community Outreach and Public Relations
Goals: To engage a diverse target community, provide information on NFDI4Microbiota’s mission and highlight the advantages of FAIR and standardized data sharing for data holders and platform users.

M1.4 – Connection to other NFDI Consortia
Goals: To make NFDI an effective and sustainable endeavor, the different consortia need to closely collaborate and work in a trans-disciplinary manner. NFDI4Microbiota will closely collaborate with others, align activities, and interconnect services (The consortium within the NFDI).

M1.5 – Connection to international partners
Goals: To connect NFDI4Microbiota with the international scientific landscape, maximize synergies and determine how to best integrate efforts across all areas, e.g. standards, analytical workflows, data and result sharing, as well as training efforts.

M1.6 – Sustainability
Goals: To develop and implement strategies for establishing NFDI4Microbiota as a long-term hub for microbial research in Germany.

M1.7 – Use Cases
Goals: To employ all the measures offered by NFDI4Microbiota to support cutting-edge scientific projects (use cases) that involve a wide array of scientists from multiple disciplines.